About Us

M/s Ramachandran & Associates is an audit and consulting firm established in 1981 by Sri K.K Ramachandran, FCA. Based in Cochin, Kerala, the firm provides a wide range of business services and establishments including that of varied Industries, Non Profit Organizations & Individuals.

The firm specializes in business advisory and consultation, tax planning and compliance, transaction advisory, accounting and auditing services. We are proud to be one of the most trusted auditing firms in Cochin. We know that our growth and success are directly linked with our commitment to excellence and the professional services we provide to our clients. Our team comprises Qualified Chartered Accountants, senior consultants, senior managers and junior managers.

At Ramachandran & Associates, we are dedicated to quality. It is through offering our own expertise in various Assurance and Consulting services and maintaining an ongoing system of quality review that we offer you professional and quality services. We are committed to providing quality service to our Clients by being proactive and responsive to client needs and delivering timely advice enabling them to make good business decisions.

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